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Process Analysis and Improvement

By observing, recording and analyzing existing human and automated processes we identifying bottlenecks and sources of error and inefficiency. Improving existing processes and designing new ones to solve problems and eliminate inefficienis.

SAP Business One Integration

Integration of Mantis WMS, Magento E-Commerce and other SAP products in acurdence with the organization's infrastructure and servers. Building and management of interfaces and Purpose-designed monitoring and control tools such as audit reports of transactions between systems, built-in alerts, email notifications and screen-validation to ensure integrity of data.

Application And Web Development

We provide requirements analysis, systems analysis, system design and full project managemen that results in a Made-to-measure enterprise software applications using cutting-edge web-based and desktop technologies. We development within and outside of SAP architecture. Full integration with SAP and other enterprise systems using Angular JS and .Net development infrastructures while using best practices for easy maintenance and high security.


We have extensive experience in SAP HANA B1a implementation, Handling of big data while maintaing fast execution for data mining and BI applications. We build infrastructures supporting integration of Business Objects and real-time research applications. By the use of in-memory technology we achive up to 1,000 times faster execution, reducing hours of execution time to minutes and seconds. Well suited for large organizations with large quantities of data and heavy data querying requirements.

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